The 7 C’s of a Successful Website

In real estate, it is all about location, location and location, but in marketing it’s about information, information and more information.  Knowing the key principles of improving the content on your website is understanding the 7 c’s of what it takes to build a successful website. Context, commerce, connection, communication, content, community and customization are all very important elements to think about and incorporate into your web design process.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 3.39.04 PM.png


Context, which relates to the layout and visual website design, should be an attractive webpage that will appeal to the audience.  An easy to follow web site that is not over cluttered with information, but is easy to follow and navigate through.

Commerce, also known as the site’s capability to enable commercial transactions.  This also means assuring the consumers that the site is secured and encrypted for them to provide their personal banking information when purchasing product.

Connection, the degree to which your website is connected to other relevant and relatable websites.  Your website shouldn’t be “an island” as Mr. Surjanovic says, a digital marketing enthusiast and professor at Capilano University, North Vancouver, but should be linked to other websites in the same areas of interest.  This means having lots of incoming as well as outgoing links to increase traffic flow.

Content, is the information, the visuals, sound and videos that attract the consumer and make your website unique.

Communication is the methods the site uses to enable site to site user between consumers, allowing them to engage and connect through discussion forums and various social media platforms.  Also, engaging with your potential customers and responding to their requests

Customization, which is the site’s ability to tailor itself, containing unique content that will distinguish them from the rest.  Giving the consumer the ability to personalize the site.  For example, the Amazon website does a great job in offering recommendations and customizing to consumer’s needs.

Incorporating all of these elements into the thinking process of designing your website will help you in achieving successful results.  As one of the first steps, understanding the consumer demand, and developing strategies to effectively plan your ideas is key to creating a blooming business.


Hope you enjoyed,

Digital Diva


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