Top 10 Online Marketing Research Tools

While having an online presence is certainly important and vital for a business to survive, it is just as important to know what tools to use to optimize traffic flow and conversion rates.  Attracting potential customers to your website is knowing how the online marketing works, and having access to the most efficient tools.  Understanding the future and thinking about projected trends is taking advantage and being a step ahead of the game.  The internet is an enormous playground for consumers, and it can be easy to get lost in the midst of millions of web pages.

Following is a list of useful resources that can help you succeed online, using some of the best marketing research tools.

10.  Alexa is a useful tool that tells you the ranking of your website on a global scale, as well as search for keyword popularity.  It is a place where you can compare your website to those of competitors, compare traffic metrics to other websites and find tips on how to improve your websites SEO.  Additionally, you can find out the gender and geo-location as well as educational background of people doing research on your website, and what keywords were used to land on your website.  It also gives you access to look at previous versions of any website, as well as what the top websites are with the most traffic flow.

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9. Google Alerts is a service provided by Google, that can be set up to send you customized updated information about topics of your interest.  Google Alerts will send you pages,  newspaper articles and notifications about your business.  It is one of the best ways to find out how often people are talking about you on the web and what they’re saying.  Also, staying on top of current trends can be time consuming, but Google Alerts can send you links to news stories you are following.

8. Archive is the largest online library, including books, music, movies and software, giving you access to a ton of information.  Founded in 1996, it has now over 239 billion pages of uploaded content.  Archive allows you to either borrow or download the content, giving you access to historical collections in digital formats which are accessible anytime.

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7. Link Popularity is the number of websites connected to your website.  As an important factor in improving your online networking, it is as important to know which websites are relevant and relatable to that of your business.  Finding out which businesses are linking to your website promotes traffic flow and visibility of other potential consumers.

6. Traffic Estimate offers you real time analytics of your website, allowing you to allocate your marketing dollars, and providing you useful information on how effective your marketing tactics are.  It allows you to measure how the return on marketing investment is.

5. Social Mention is a very useful tool allowing you to measure what people are saying about you, your business and your products in real time.  It gives you the analytics in real time.  More specifically, it searches for your company name over 100 social media platforms, using keywords associated with your business.

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4. Check Page Rank is a free tool that lets you check your websites rank on a global scale, and the likelihood of it appearing on the first Google page. Google gives it a rating between 1-10, basing it’s results on the relevance and importance and backlinks.  Therefore, the more backlinks linked to your website, the higher its ranking will be.

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3. Google Chrome Webstore offers a number of useful applications to keep you updated and on track, while improving your website’s efficiency.  Numerous apps will give you the latest information you are looking for at your fingertips

2. Wordtracker reveals thousands of profitable long tail keywords, that will help you optimize your SEO, resulting in more traffic flow to your website, and increasing your conversion rate.

1.Google Adwords gives you the tools to create a successful campaign that will promote more traffic to your website, using advertisements.  Targeted keywords will help your business appear on the first page as soon as a consumer searches for that specific product or service.

Hope you enjoyed!

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