Building a Strong Social Media Presence

With Social Media being such an integral part of our everyday lifestyle, it is important to know your brand and connect with online enthusiasts all over the globe.  Social Media allows us to create content and engage with online communities, share information and further promote brand awareness.

It is essential to know how to use these tools to help any business distinguish itself and thrive in the age of information overload.  You as the brand are in control in creating something unique, that will inspire and attract.  Whether you are on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, your brand should be consistent in delivering the same message across all platforms.

It may be obvious, but the various social media applications allow for more interactivity between seller and consumer, between users, and in a much faster way.  Content can be easily updated in no time, and the easily accessible analytics allow for more accurate measurements of success.

Using the number one marketing strategy that is easily remembered, CONNECT, which stands for: Context, Online/Offline, Network, Newness, Expand, Convert and Test, can help you expand brand awareness and help you gain more followers online.

Context is knowing your brand and business in a wider context.  The overall image that you want to portray and understanding where you are in the big picture.  Thinking about the company’s vision and main objectives, can help you develop a more focused idea about your brand.  Questions to consider are: who is your target audience, how and where on social media will you find them and how will you use social media platforms strategically to get closer to your goals.

Online and Offline marketing strategies for your brand go hand in hand, and while building a strong social media presence online, your offline marketing strategies should not be neglected.  It is about building a more complex marketing system supported by follow up phone calls, in person meetings, an advertisements done in a more traditional way, such as through newspapers and brochures.  It’s about integrated marketing communications done by building relationships that can survive both online as well as offline.

Networking is all about social media, and social media is all about networking.  As a first step, listen and observe your surroundings.  Engage with your followers, like and comment their posts and respond to their requests.  Developing these networking strategies increase traffic flow and as a result increase conversion rates of your business.

Newness is about offering your customers something new.  Be unique and post content that is authentic to your brand, while at the same time educating your clients.  They will keep coming back for more.

Expand your brand, and expand globally.  Of course, that is after you’ve sufficiently exhausted your local opportunities.  Word of mouth is great, but advertising through more sophisticated avenues will bring faster results.  Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all offer tools for advertising and promoting your brand.

Convert the likes and posts into actual actions.  Use social media as a way to increase conversion rates and provide a call of action.

And finally, test, test, test your ad campaigns and promotions on social media.  Observe and evaluate your marketing strategies, and pay attention to what brings you positive measurable results.


Hope you enjoyed,

Digital Diva




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